Zafar  Iqbal Kalanauri  is a  courageous leader in an area of critical importance: the Lawyers Community of Pakistan, their rights and their productive and humane integration into society. Elected as the youngest ever President of Lahore Bar Association (1996-97) the largest District Bar of Asia, in its’ more than 100years old history with record number of votes.

Elected as Member Punjab Bar Council, (Session 2000- 05), polled the maximum number of votes out of 101 elected Members of the Provincial Bar, who are elected for a term of five years, and are also the electoral college for Pakistan Bar Council.

He is  an  indefatigable and effective mobilizer and organizer of Stakeholders Reformists and Change Makers in the Pakistani Legal system. Achievements are diverse and high-impact As Chairman Law Reforms, Legal Education & Examination Committees of Punjab Bar Council Prepared and got implemented the Written Bar Entrance Examination for the new entrants to the legal profession in Punjab. This was the first enforcement program of its kind, and has become a model for other Provinces. As a Member of the team of Pakistan College of Law prepared a Computerized Bar Entrance Examination, which has principally been approved by Punjab Bar Council and shall be implemented shortly.

As a Member Legal Education Committee of Pakistan Bar Council (Session 2001-2006) involved in framing uniform Rules for Written Bar Examination in all the Provinces of Pakistan and implementation/adoption of Rules of Affiliation of Private Law Colleges as recommended by Pakistan Bar Council. As Member of the Committee of Pakistan Bar Council, Provincial Bar Councils and Universities of Pakistan imparting Legal Education, involved in preparing syllabus for introduction of ‘Law’ as Elective/Optional subject at B.A. level. As Member of Inter-University Course Curriculum Committee of Inter-University Faculty Board of the Government of Punjab developed and reviewed the curriculum in the subject of Law (2004). Introduced ADR as a subject in LLB and developed the course structure. As Chairman Law Reforms Committee Lahore High Court Bar Association 2000,2001,2002,2003 & 2005 Due to remarkable skill in mobilizing diverse communities, organized a number of educational programs, training workshops and seminars, on different legal subjects at Lahore High Court. As a Coordinator ran a pilot project, “National Advocacy Training Skills Program” for the new entrants to the legal profession/young attorneys with 3 to 8 years standing. (A project sponsored by British Council in collaboration of Bar Associations of Pakistan & Bar of England & Wales).Proposed a number of changes for improvement, of present laws to, Law Commission & Law Ministry. Proposed several Amendments in Family Laws, C.P.C & Smalls Claims Tribunal Act. Some of these recommendations have been accepted. Successfully lobbied for Legislation and inclusion of ADR in Pakistani Judicial System. Proposed amendments to, Civil Procedure Code and High Court Rules, which are under consideration by the Rules Committee of Lahore High Court. Participated in a number of Training Programs, Short Courses and Video-Conferences arranged by Lahore American Canter and British Council on legal topics. Arranged Training Workshops for the Judges of Subordinate Courts under the leadership of Chief Justice of Lahore High Court.